We GET Your Challenges. We Understand the Change you Need!

In a world that is continually changing at such a rapid pace, it can be extremely disheartening if you feel as though your mind is not performing at its best. Fortunately, our patented Brainjogging program will enhance your full potential. Whether you are a student trying to thrive in your classes, an employee trying to fine-tune your skills, or even a senior citizen trying to maintain your mental strength, we UNDERSTAND, and we can HELP. 



Our Philosophy & Mission

"We believe that everyone can achieve success in their lives, experience heightened self-esteem, and gain a greater appreciation for the wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Based on over 30 years of working with clients, I designed Brainjogging to strengthen cognitive abilities and condition learning. Our web-based computer program uses visual stimuli to support attention and focus along with improved information processing through multiple senses."


-Shirley Pennebaker, M.Ed.

Founder of Camp Academia

Creator of Brainjogging

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